On suspicion of an autoimmune disease it should be noted that findings of autoantibodies can only be used to support the diagnosis, as autoantibodies may occur without a disease or as a transient phenomenon during infection. A positive or negative result of a test can therefore not be used for a diagnosis, if there are no defined clinical disease criteria. In some diseases it may be appropriate to monitor the concentration of autoantibodies with regard to the development of manifest disease, on other occasions with regard to the assessment of disease activity, prognosis or effect of the treatment.

Phycicians are welcome to contact us about the selection of different tests packages and discuss the test results.
Due to Swedish law for patient safety, we have no opportunity to discuss the test and results with the patient and the patients realtives, but we refer to doctor responsible for the patient.
All requests for tests must go through a doctor who takes the samples for sends it to Wieslab. Wieslab has no possibility to collect samples directly from patients.

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