Tests for Monitoring of TNF inhibitors

This section introduces the tests for monitoring TNF inhibitors that are now available at Wieslab Laboratory Services. The section describes the associated benefits with utilizing drug monitoring assays and describes how the tests work. Moreover, it provides important specimen collection guidelines as well as a detailed list of references for further exploration.

TNF inhibitors have for many years been regarded as an excellent tool for treatment of severe chronic inflammatory diseases. Experience shows that a large proportion of patients (60-70%) with various autoimmune diseases such as rheumatic disorders and inflammatory bowel disease have an excellent primary response to treatment with TNF inhibitors. However, treatment with TNF inhibitors also show a large variation between patients, treatment dose and interval between dosing. Consequently, many patients may benefit from an individualized treatment approach depending on their response to the biological drug. There is a significant percentage of patients for whom TNF inhibitors fail to demonstrate efficacy (primary failure) or where the effect of the TNF inhibitors decrease over time despite an initial good response (secondary failure) (Bendtzen 2011 and 2013, Vincent 2013).

Tests measuring drug activity (concentration) of TNF inhibitors and NAbs can be used as a tool to establish why the patient has no effect of their treatment. Wieslab uses a test technology that measures the biological activity of the drug which gives a high therapeutic significance. If the test shows that the patient has low concentrations of the TNF inhibitors and/or has developed NAbs, it is both clinically and economically correct to make adjustments in the treatment regime.

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