A complete Autoimmunity testing portfolio

Wieslab offers one of the widest ranging autoimmune testing services available. We also lead the way with development of panel tests containing important parameters for several diseases within the same test package. We continue to invest in research and development of new tests, collaborating with leading scientists and institutions worldwide to find new possibilities - not only for diagnosis, but prognosis and theranostics as well.

The breadth, speed and accuracy of our testing services are one of the reasons our client list includes many of the leading laboratories and health care organizations in in Europe. Testing is available for most autoimmune diseases.

Test Packages

Wieslab´s more than 30 test packages are based on the clinical suspicion. They offer an excellent starting point for the clinician.

Individual tests

Wieslab also has a comprehensive portfolio of individual markers that can be ordered. The markers available are listed alphabetically on our website.

You are always welcome to send us a request for any test you do not find on our request form. We have a wide cooperation with universities as well as laboratories worldwide enabling us to offer a wide variety of speciality tests. Please send your request to diagnostic.services@wieslab.com.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Therapeutic drug monitoring can be used during treatment and for diagnostic purposes. The selection of drugs for therapeutic drug monitoring is important as the concentrations of many drugs are not clearly related to their effects.

For selected drugs therapeutic drug monitoring aims to enhance drug efficacy, reduce toxicity or assist with diagnosis.