Zic4 antibodies


Suspicion of paraneoplastic syndromes small cell lung cancer (SCLC).



Accredited analysis for serum samples – read more at the Quality page.


Serum: The result is reported as negative or positive with a value (blot intensity).

CSF: The result is reported as negative or positive


Antibodies against Zic4 may occur with paraneoplastic neurological disease associated to small cell lung cancer with or without neurological symptoms. Most Zic4 positive patients also produce antibodies against Hu and CV2. Patients who have only Zic4 antibodies usually display symptom of cerebellar degeneration. Patients with a combination of Zic4 and other autoantibodies suffers from a broader spectrum of symptoms.

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PMID: 15342008: 15258215: 21747075: 22448032

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