Complement Assessment

Three major reasons to study complement function

The complement system plays an important part of the innate immune system and assessment of complement function and individual complement components are valuable in a number of application areas such as:

  • development of therapies influencing the complement system - validation of drug targets and lot release
  • complement activation in pre-clinical and clinical trials - evaluation of off-target reactions
  • new treatment concepts for complement deficiencies - development of treatment algorithms and monitoring regimens

Our offering - Functional Complement Assessment

We use a unique test solution from Svar Life Science (formerly Euro Diagnostica) that allows for functional assessment of the entire complement system including all three pathways:

  • Classical Pathway (CP)
  • Alternative Pathway (AP)
  • Lectin Pathway (LP)

Read more about Svar Life Science off-the-shelf Complement tests on the dedicated website.

Individual complement components

Analysis of a number of individual complement components are also available.

Pharmacokinetic (PK) testing